Expertise and knowledge at your service

Orsana Italia is an innovative Italian industrial reality, made up of people characterized by a high level of professionalism and competence.

All Orsana Italia products are designed , developed and marketed following the two main company objectives: Quality and Innovation .

The result of a cutting-edge research and development process, oriented to the needs of the Patient and the Doctor, allows the company to market products of extreme efficacy and safety .

To achieve our goals we focus our work, our time and our commitment in research based on strict criteria of efficacy, quality and safety.

We have selected and collaborate with cutting-edge industrial partners, present in the Italian national territory, which allow us to maintain our high quality standards.

Orsana Italia focuses its resources on research for the development of products that improve the patient’s CARE .

CARE means treating and taking care of the patient at 360⁰ through the use, when necessary, of supplements, medical devices and foods for special medical purposes that aim at solving some problems by reducing as much as possible the medicalization.

Orsana Italia currently has a line of dermocosmetic products, supplements and medical devices that improve the CARE of neonatal, pediatric and adult patients in relation to some more frequent pathologies and problems.

Our mission is:

“Improving the patient’s quality of life through innovative products that minimize pharmacological medicalization”