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Leniben Plus


LENIBEN PLUS ® for external use What is Leniben Plus ®? Leniben Plus ®is an ideal gel for the treatment of particularly sensitive baby skin. Hydrates and relieves dry skin stressed by external agents. The combination of active ingredients has a soothing and anti-inflammatory [...]

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Leniben Active Emulgel®


LENIBEN ACTIVE Emulgel ® with Arnica extract Features Leniben Active Emulgel ® is a dermocosmetic adjuvant which, thanks to the action of the natural active ingredients contained in it, exerts a soothing action and gives a sense of immediate relief in case of [...]

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Leniben Pasta ®


LENIBEN PASTA ® dermo-protective for topical use What is LENIBEN PASTA ®? Leni ben Protective Paste is a dermocosmetic adjuvant with a barrier effect , ideal for the treatment of particularly sensitive skin. Protects, hydrates and gives immediate relief to dry skin stressed by external [...]

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CICABEN ®dermo-protective powder for topical use What is Cicaben®? CICABEN powder is an association of special principles active ingredients for topical dermatological use with a healing, soothing and protective action. Applying CICABEN® in the tissue to be treated forms a substrate of active ingredients capable of [...]

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